Saturday, 1 March 2014


On Tuesday evening I was invited to come and try out the new rotation of traders at Trinity Kitchen. Joining us from further afield until the 30th March is The Meat Wagon, Dorshi, Harajuku Kitchen and then two Leeds based traders Cafe Moor and Love Rouge Bakery.

I have been to a Trinity Kitchen bloggers event before (see my post here) and was expecting a similar informal street food based affair with lots of tastings and chatting to the vendors. This time however was a different set up, a more formal vibe with a sit down dinner and menu style event.

Handed a glass of fizz, we were sat down and given the menu which had two options on offer from each of the traders in Trinity Kitchen, the new ones that had just arrived but also options from the the permanent traders too.

Unsure as to what to pick as it was a one meal option, all I knew was that I wanted to try a bit of something from all the new vendors if possible. I opted for the Pork and Shrimp Gyoza from Harajuku Kitchen and my friend went for the Shawafel from Cafe Moor. Wanting to try all the new vendors I was looking to sneak in a side from the Meat Wagon, however they didn't do chips and we were offered chips from Chip + Fish instead.

First up is Harajuku Kitchen, a Japanese bistro based in Edinburgh which aims to provide wholesome Japanese food, delivering the authentic flavour of Japan through respecting the ingredients and their natural flavours.

Their Pork and Shrimp Gyoza graced our table in a little black box. Six dumplings drizzled in soy sauce and garnished with coriander. These were extremely flavoursome and great food to eat. Something a little bit different and exciting for me. The flavours were great, however I could have taken a little extra kick or heat from somewhere.

Next up we have Cafe Moor. Whilst also operating just over the city down in Leeds Kirkgate Market, Cafe Moor have taken up residency in this months rotation of traders at Trinity Kitchen.
Offering authentic North African and Middle Eastern street food they are serving up a delicious menu featuring mezze, shawarma, bourek amongst plenty of other tasty treats.

The Shawafel arrived on a platter for us to construct ourselves, which made it great sharing food. A generous serving of marinated chicken, falafel, garlic sauce, pickles and salad were accompanied by an Arabic flat bread. The flavours were fantastic and this is a must-try for anyone who needs swaying away from their greasy Saturday night kebab. This is how it is done properly.

We also got to sample some of their delicious mint tea which was warming and sweet yet a real palate cleanser.

Our chips on the side from Chip + Fish ended up coming with a piece of battered haddock on top and sides of mushy peas and tartare sauce. We were a little overwhelmed but happily dug into it. The chips were fat, being nice and fluffy on the inside with a good crisp exterior. The fish was tasty but the batter was a little bit too chewy for our liking. Mushy peas however were spot on!

To finish, we tried a cupcake from Love Rouge Bakery. Modeled on the 99p ice cream, this was a vanilla cupcake with rich vanilla buttercream, hundreds and thousands and a much loved flake.
Whilst great in presentation, I felt the cake was overpowered by an artificial vanilla flavour and was more style over substance. I will need to have a second taste of a different cake I think as maybe this just wasn't my cup of tea.

Unfortunately The Meat Wagon and Dorshi did not make it into my belly that night (there is only so much food one can eat in one sitting!). Both will however be getting a feature on the blog in the next few weeks as I return for my next Trinity Kitchen feasts.

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