Tuesday, 22 January 2013


And so it begins... albeit a day late due to the snow but I'm back into work mode and ready to DO THIS.

I've got my hefty timetable with a ridiculous four contact hours at university a week with a delightful minimum of 30 hours independent study time per week. I've also included essential cat naps.
If you find where my life has gone can you point it back in my direction please? Thanks.

Hi library (aka NEW BEST FRIEND).

If you would like your own handy 8am-8pm timetable for Monday to Sunday then feel free to download your  very own version for free HERE.

You can download it and fill it in on a computer and then print it off or you can print off blank copies and choose to fill them in by hand.


1.  When making a timetable it is important to remember that it can be as loose or as rigid as you feel it needs to be.

2.  Include your university contact hours, appointments and personal commitments.

3.  Allow time for enough play alongside work, but realistically schedule in time for independent learning (aim for at least 2 hours a day if possible).

4.   Have a copy of your timetable saved on your laptop, that way you can update it on a weekly basis with any new personal commitments or appointments that may arise). 

5.  Set yourself personal goals and deadlines to keep yourself motivated and more organised with your workload. If you struggle with time-keeping and getting all your work done last minute then this can be a life-saver.

6.  Allow for procrastination time. If you know you are going to want to check facebook, watch TV, make a cup of tea or like me, nap, then allow for this in your timetable. If you do, that way you account for it and are less likely to feel guilty for doing that. Schedule your workload to fit around distractions, it is only normal.

If this is up for your street and you'd like to find out more ideas on how to keep on top of work then check out my article for the Leeds Student 'Get Organised: How to Have a Sussed Semester' HERE.

Sunday, 20 January 2013


Some goodies I purchased in Krakow...

 Velvet bra and gold washer rings from H&M.

The H&M in the Galeria Krakowska was always miles better than any of the H&M's near me at home.
I love their underwear and jewellery so I couldn't resist this black and gold combo.

Squared notebooks from Empik.

It's funny because in Poland it was very hard to get hold of lined paper for university, so I adapted to using squared paper and I am now hooked! Unfortunately it's rather hard to get hold of decent quality squared paper/notebooks in the UK for a reasonable price so I thought I would stock up. These are a ridiculously cheap equivalent to the pricier Moleskine.

Grzaniec Galicyjski clay mug.

...for my attempts at making some grzane wino!

Saturday, 19 January 2013


After a much-needed week off it is back to uni for me!

My last semester of education starts on Monday (unless I sporadically decide to do a Masters degree in the future). I am however unsure as to whether I will be able to get back to university tomorrow. The snow is due to hit hard again this evening and our country is pathetic at dealing with this weather.

I have been geeking it up already... new folders, notebooks, pads of paper and stationary.
Organising, labelling, printing, etc. Yeah... I'll miss this part next year.

Let's hope this term is a good one!

Here's some inspiration to get you going:

 Photos: Various images off tumblr

Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Post first-semester cheeky getaway to Krakow completed.

Four days in pictures...

...and now four days before term starts again to recover from overindulging on Grzane Wino and Szarlotka!

Friday, 11 January 2013


Alright, I'm on the train back home after a week of intense revision and exam times.
I am currently at Retford Train Station and we have been stable for a while.
Excuse my geography but how far from London am I?!

No recipes or wonderful creations for you this week unless you like instant hot chocolate or cup-a-soup - sorry! I'm off to Krakow on Sunday so I will have some pictures and fun (cold) times to report back to you mid-week.

All I have for now is a lovely dose of inspiration to get you going for your weekend.

<small> Photos: Various images off tumblr. </small>