Wednesday, 5 March 2014


Sunday's are the perfect days for brunch, but living on my own means that it is a rarity that I ever cook anything spectacular for myself, and this includes the delight of Sunday brunch.

So what a treat it is for me to go out for brunch at one of my favourite haunts in Leeds, Belgrave Music Hall, thanks to their caffeine-fuelled residents Laynes Espresso.

Returning for my second Laynes Espresso Sunday Brunch experience (see my post on my first here), I met with my friend Sarah who has joined me the previous month and we made ourselves comfy in the Belgrave.

After our last experience where demand was completely off the rails and the service very slow, we were informed that there would be a table service to help speed things along this time.

We casted our eyes up and down the menu and after a lot of 'umming' and 'ahhing' I settled for the sweet option with the French Toast and Sarah went for the Gin Cured Salmon.

Despite the table service, we still ended up waiting quite a while for our food to come, however we were happy to natter away and drink tea in the mean time. When the food did arrive, boy were we happy!

My French Toast was composed of brioche, caramelised baanana, espresso mascarpone and nut brittle. It was an absolute masterpiece and felt VERY naughty. A really lovely combination of flavours and textures where every mouthful was a delight to eat.

It was gigantic in size compared to some of other brunch dishes we saw, however I was more than happy to oblige to clear my plate...

Sarah had the Gin Cured Salmon dish which was served on volkenbrot rye toast with cucumber, grapefruit, yoghurt and a poached egg.

This would have been my dish of choice if I had gone down the savoury route, however I had already had a dish quite similar to this that week.

A great success for Laynes Espresso with another superb brunch. Slogging away in the kitchen to serve us hungry souls were Carl Fleischer from Laynes and Dan and Jim from The Grub & Grog Shop.
A fine collaboration of talent right there and a big thank you to them.

If you still havn't had a chance to catch the Laynes Espresso Sunday Brunch then the next one will be held on Sunday 23 March at Belgrave Music Hall.

An extra hint is that Laynes will be serving their fabulous French Toast at the Belgrave Street Feast III this Saturday so GO GO GO!

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