Wednesday, 10 October 2012



Time to start piling on the chunky knits and fur coats.

I am lacking a pair of decent booties this year and in desperate need of a good pair to get me through the Winter. I am loving this pair from Topshop, but alas...they are £95.00(!) and this is just an inexcusable amount to spend considering my student budget.
Plus...when did the high street shops get so expensive?

I saw my first pumpkin in Morrisons this week and I may or may not have squealed with a bit of joy. I couldn't bring one home though on top of my weekly shop, they were huge!
I am however looking really forward to overindulging in pumpkin EVERYTHING over the next month.
I will do a round-up of my favourite pumpkin recipes next week.
And mulled wine...oh mulled wine!

And if you want to find me this month I'm more than likely to be tucked away in the Brotherton Library doing dissertation research with a steaming thermos full of coffee or under my furry throws watching The Great British Bake Off sipping on a frothy hot chocolate.

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