Monday, 20 January 2014


I am a little late on posting about this fabulous place but it's better late than never.

Trinity Kitchen graced Leeds early last Autumn as a hub for the finest street vendors in the UK. They rotate the vendors on offer every 5 to 6 weeks to bring a selection of the UK's very best street food traders to the Trinity Leeds shopping centre.

 I got invited to the Trinity Kitchen bloggers night last Tuesday for an exciting evening full of street food and local food bloggers.

My heart was ultimately won over by the long-awaited Yu Kyu. Knowing that a Japenese street food vendor would be in Leeds serving authentic Tonkatsu had been keeping myself and my friend Diane awake at night.

Eyeing up the menu we saw a selection of panko breaded goodness, but we both opted for the ultimate winner of the Tonkatsu Curry.

I chose the kabocha option (Japanese pumpkin/squash), however pork and chicken versions were also available. Served on a bed of sticky rice, cabbage slaw and pickled ginger, the breaded sweet pumpkin was topped with a tangy curry sauce.

A taste explosion like I had never experienced before, I was extremely impressed with the quality of the food and the great combination of flavours and textures on offer.

Up next was a generous portion of glazed sweet potato fries (Daigaku Imo). These were succulently sweet and crispy with their honey glaze and sesame seeds and spring onions to finish.

I was overly dazzled by the quality and flavour on offer, which I have to admit was some of the best street food I have tasted to date.

I wish Yu Kyu all the best with their trading at Trinity Kitchen and highly recommend that you sample some of their Tonkatsu goodness whilst it's here.


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