Saturday, 20 October 2012


It's had its up and its had its downs but I've come out the other side almost in one piece.
I've finally just about managed to get my head around my dissertation topic, meaning I am now able to crack on with more productive research and planning - Hurrah!

Also,The Great British Bake Off has now finished (I'm having James withdrawals already!)
...taking myself to that dreaded question of "What do I do with my life now?".

The answer is BAKE AND MAKE AMAZING FOOD (obviously).
So that is exactly what I've been doing...

I created the best oatmeal concoction to date the other morning. It was more of a mismatched masterpiece fuelled on "I'm going to be late for my lecture but I need FOOD RIGHT NOW" inspiration.
It comprised of mashed banana, cinnamon with a few swirls of marshmallow fluff and peanut butter.

H E A V E N    I N    M Y    M O U T H .

* Unfortunately I have no picture for you...
I think it pretty much hit my stomach before my eyes even got a good glance - let alone my camera.
I will do my best to get a picture next time.

But I won't leave you without some wonderfully bad photography.
So here are some pictures (not taken on my good camera - sorry!) of a batch of banana pancakes we made last night...complete with vanilla ice cream, sliced banana and homemade peanut butter chocolate sauce.

P . S .

I've also started writing for the lifestyle section of the university newspaper, the Leeds Student.
Last week they used my Courgette Brownies recipe in an article on which you can read HERE.

I'm currently working on a double-page spread (hell yeah!) centred around a breakfast theme, with a particular focus on those bad ass OATS that I love so much. Watch this space.

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