Friday, 3 August 2012


Another week has passed me by. I have now been back from Krakow for just over six weeks and my mind has turned into a complete jelly. My memory is terrible and I have nothing...literally NOTHING to keep me busy since my job fell through. BOO.

If my life was a recipe it would look something a little like this...

'Alice's Current Life' (AKA a summer spent in Berkhamsted)


500g of hermit life.
250g of cabin fever.
300g of getting way too excited over DIY and baking.
100ml of life laundry.
75g of ebay addiction.
250g of dissertation pro-activity taken to the next level.
2 tbsp of “Why am I in The Crown again?”
*Optional garnish of being chatted up by the council guy who cuts the grass on the canal.

So to make myself feel like I do actually have a life... I intend to take on many DIY projects this Summer!
My first project is an easy one. A nice gentle break-in if you will. The idea spurred from my obsession with lists and being organised.
On top of my TWO diaries, I will usually always have at least THREE notebooks going at one in a draw, one in my bag and one by my bedside table.

Combining notes/memos/to-do-lists from all of these can get a little bit confusing so I created this:

To make TO-DO-LIST BUNTING, you will need the following items:

String  /  Scissors  /  Drawing Pins  /  Pegs  /  Paper  /  Pen

#1   Cut the string to your required length and then tie a small loop knot at each end of the string.

#2   Secure the string to the wall with the drawing pins.

#3   Get pegging!


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