Sunday, 2 February 2014


The team over at Laynes Espresso expanded to take over a new spot at the up and coming Belgrave Music Hall last Monday.

Offering £1 coffee's all week they have hit it off big time and are well on their way to becoming the next top dog independent establishment joining the Belgrave Music Hall (current vendors include Dough Boys Pizza, Fu-Schnickens and Patty Smith's).

Returning today with their second brunch service, I visited with intrigue and excitement after unfortunately missing their first brunch service in December.

Teased by being able to preview the menu a good week in advance, I still hadn't made my mind up as to what I wanted off the menu.

A menu created by the inventive Carl Fleischer from Laynes, we were spoilt for choice with six options on offer:

Baked Eggs | Tomato & Pepper Ragout | Feta | Yoghurt | Sourdough 

Black Pudding 

Poached Eggs | Pea Puree | Apple | Sourdough Crisp 

Sweet Corn Fritters | Poached Eggs | Avocado | Chilli Relish
Smashed Avocado 

Feta | Sumac | Pistachio | Rye Toast 
Welsh Rarebit

Leek Rarebit | Poached Eggs | Laynes Spiced Relish | Sourdough 
French Toast

Brioche | Banana | Vanilla Mascarpone |Walnut 

Placing our orders we were also enticed by the delightful looking millionaire's shortbread and lamington's on offer as well as the usual Laynes Espresso top quality coffee.

Ordering my food and opting for a tea (I am sorry!), I was given a card as order #47 and we waited for our brunch as the Belgrave filled up. We were rather astounded by how busy it was but also extremely happy for the independents who were doing so well from the event.

Taking our seats, we were sat just across from the open-hatch kitchen where Carl was joined by Dan and Jim from The Grub and Grog Shop. Being a massive food perve and loving to watch people cook I was in my element...

I opted for the Sweet Corn Fritters which were DIVINE. Two fritters accompanied by two perfectly poached eggs, a creamy avocado puree and a tangy chilli relish all topped with watercress. Really tasty and honest feel-good food that has left me wanting to become a weekend brunch-aholic.

I was with two friends who went for the Shakshuka and Welsh Rarebit who were also thoroughly impressed.

Sunday Brunch service will now be available from Laynes Espresso at Belgrave Music Hall every first and third Sunday of the month from 12-4pm - although the earlier you arrive the better!

A definite visit for anyone who enjoys good quality real food. I am a brunch convert.


  1. Brunch then pizza, methinks.

    1. Lots of people were eating pizza in the queue for ordering brunch - not a bad idea! Great food on offer in Belgrave. Will you be there for the Street Feast this Saturday?

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