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So obviously I have not yet posted about making dens...or dens of any sort for that matter. I apologise.
This is mainly due to the fact that I don't have the most ideal space for making a den in my room at home and also because I am currently lacking important den-worthy materials. However, come mid-September I will have a new student pad up in Leeds and I hope to make it DENTASTIC.

Making dens is all about being creative.
The basic principle is using whatever materials you have available to you to make a little hide away space for your own comfort. You don't need lots of £££ or a shipment from Ikea. That defies the WHOLE point. So to get you started I have compiled a list of the TOP 10 ESSENTIALS needed to make the perfect den.

Be creative.

A relatively large space where it doesn't matter if you take it as your own ground for a few hours, days, life-time...! If you want a quiet and relaxing den then it's good to choose a space where you no there will be minimal disturbances and distractions.
However, if you want a PARTY DEN(!) then it's good to place it in the centre of a room, student digs, abandoned squat or whatever takes your fancy.


#3  POLE
Your centre. Your inner chi. Your den's "core".
Therefore, the sturdier the better. Use a tripod, old mop/broom stick, bamboo sticks from the garden, hat stand, light stand, shower/curtain rails, a javelin(!)...okay, maybe not the last option but as you can see the list goes on and on.


You can pick these up for real cheap off ebay (from China - mine was £1.99!). They also sell them in the kids sections in Ikea and Next.
Again, be imaginative, look in outdoors/camping stores for mosquito nets.

These can be as basic as your spare set of bed sheets (although don't use this an excuse not to wash the ones currently on your bed) or something more extravagant like the hand-made throw some lady made out of 12 Alpaca's which you got on your gap year.
The MORE materials the BETTER.
Drape here...drape there...drape everywhere! This is where #6 comes in handy.

Drawing pins, safety pins, pegs, sticky hooks or the screw-in kind, string, rope or twine are also good but make sure you secure them properly to avoid any collapses.

So now you've built your den. It's probably going to be looking a little empty in there.
It's best to think of the essential things you need like desks and a seating/lounging area and then think of these in miniature form.
Good desk materials include: cardboard boxes, milk crates, coffee tables, foot rests, upturned laundry baskets/bins.
Good seating materials include: cushions, pouffe's, bean bags...hell, why not get a hammock if you've got enough room?

Pinned Image

Standard = Fairy lights. I do love them though. Be careful not leave them on for too long or too close to the fabric as you don't want to snooze off to end up with your local firemen coming to rescue you from your den at 3am...or maybe you do! Lava lamps, glow jars (how cool are these?!) and candles can also add ambience.

glowing jars

For decor and atmosphere: music, incense, your favourite snuggling materials, bunting, flowers, etc.
 Things to keep you occupied in your den: a good book, writing, your laptop and a movie...or for me this year...the dissertation!

future home

...and last but not least...

Popcorn, cakes and snacky things are best. Ice cream if you're feeling fancy.
Here's some inspiration for a selection of healthy den-snack recipes:

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