Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Jeremiah Weed are newcomers to the UK brew scene. Currently available are two different brews: Root Brew (brewed with a hint of ginger) and the Sour Mash Brew (brewed with a hint of bourbon).
I saw a review of their brews online and was desperate to get my hands on a bottle. Luckily enough, the local Waitrose was stocking the stuff and we snapped up a bottle of the Root Brew.

Served chilled over ice (how sophisticated) this was a DELICIOUS drink.
I am a BIG fan of the various ginger and root beers available at the moment but this one really tops them all.
It is much less acidic/sweet/artificial tasting than Crabbies Ginger Beer (my previous favourite), with a nice refreshing and natural tang.

 WARNING: This stuff is a little TOO drinkable. 

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