Friday, 23 November 2012


This month has gone very quickly.

Lots of work and not enough play has unfortunately sent this little one into a rather crazy spiral.
Friday nights in are now a "regular" for me...but to be honest I need them!

 During my spare time I have been trying to beat the final year uni blues by doing a spot of therapeutic diy.
It also adds as a nice distraction to covering up all the damp patches on my wall... just one little insight into how terrible a condition my apartment and room are in!

I have been taking advantage of my free printer paper (thanks Kodak!), a lovely little free programme called Poladroid (you can download it here), garden trellis's from the 99p store, balls of string and wooden pegs. I am currently the owner of two bags of wooden pegs...both different sizes!

Yes. You see what I now mean by crazy?

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