Friday, 21 September 2012


I am alive. I promise.

It's taken me a little longer to settle down and adjust to living in a new place.
After a Summer of NOTHING and now finding that I actually have things to DO, it is diffucult to get a moment to just sit down and relax.
Patience my pretties - I will update with pictures of my new (despite rather FREEZING) apartment.
I am slowly learning to love it.
...Let's hope the double glazing sheets for my window and foam strips will sort out the current arctic conditions!

Here are my last few weeks in INSTAGRAM (from L-R):

1.  Apple Pie Oatmeal for lunch. Oats are my current form of internal central heating.

2.  Working on the new GOTHS logo.

3.  Room with a view.

4.  The glorious leakage/damp problem in the spare room.

5.  The first roast in my new pad. Bladdy good it was too!

6.  Free G&T's at Jaeger on Regent Street for London's FNO.

7.  My current workspace - check out my desk!

8.  Chew Lips at the Lomography Store in London on FNO.

9.  Champagne times.

You can see more of my instagram snaps and follow me HERE.

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