Friday, 7 September 2012


Next DIY PROJECT for my new apartment: I am going to build my own desk!

I love these Vika Lerberg trestles which come in white and grey (and at £5 they are a steal!). I would like to have a white surface and I could easily go for the matching table top from Ikea, the Vika Amon but I would like to be a little more ambitious and reclaim an old door, pre-used work surface or a long, flat, rectangular shaped material. Your suggestions are all welcome!

I am a lover of big desks and work spaces. I like to have a large surface to work on and it's very handy for laying out several folders/books at a time or if you just want to get creative. 
The average desk is about 100cm in length and this just is NOT big enough for me.


Photos: Various images from my PINTEREST.

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