Saturday, 24 May 2014


Last week I was in between some flat viewings down by the market and needed to escape the heat and the sun! I'd been hankering after the crab salad from The Grub and Grog Shop for most of the month but had so far always missed their Friday lunchtime servings at the Noonshine Cafe hosted at Outlaws Yacht Club (see my previous post on my last visit here).

The perfect opportunity to sample their seasonal salad for this month.

Made to order I watched the Crab Salad being made in front of me. The menu all looked very appetising but it was definitely salad weather on that hot day.

Jim and Dan, the duo behind The Grub and Grog Shop were happy to share their inspiration for this dish and talk about how they source their produce locally and their suppliers. Their passion is inspiring and each dish on their monthly seasonal menu has a lot of thought and love gone into them.

Before came a plate piled high of beautiful colours and ingredients. The salad itself was made of brown crab cooked in Golden Owl Saison with jersey royals and pickled raddish with a Saison reduction and homemade shellfish mayonnaise.

Not only was this pretty to look at, it had a great variety of flavours and tastes too. One of Jim's most cited inspirations is a book called The Flavour Thesaurus and this influence is reflected in the creativity and composition of each of their dishes.

I loved the addition of the edible flowers and wild fennel which come with their salad. These are sourced from a local project run by the University of Leeds called The Bardon Grange Project. This project is volunteer run and supports and teaches people how to grow their own produce and encourage people to eat locally produced food. 

Noonshine Cafe is hosted by The Grub and Grog Shop every Friday lunch at Outlaws Yacht ClubOn offer is a tasty and affordable lunch menu (available to have in or takeaway) alongside an amazing selection of cakes from Noisette Bakehouse, North Star Micro Roasters coffee and fresh retail loaves from Leeds Bread Co-op.

On the first Friday of each month The Grub & Grog Shop launch a new menu and to celebrate the whole gang get together to host a mini market. 

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