Thursday, 29 May 2014


Situated at the top of Butchers Row in Kirkgate Market is a Caribbean food haven which I finally got round to trying the other day.

Caribbean Cafe, opened a few years back and is run by Dean Cuffy and serves up a selection of fish, chicken, meat and vegetarian dishes as well as wraps and a breakfast menu.

I went with my sister an her boyfriend last week as I was showing them round the wonderful market. We decided to stop for a spot of lunch at the Caribbean Cafe and squeezed are way into the tiny cafe.

Greeted immediately we were asked what we wanted. I wanted the oxtail but unfortunately it wasn't on that day. There was however lots of nice chit chat with the staff and we all ordered different dishes with s selection of rice, salsa's and salad on the side.

We ordered the Stewed Saltfish with spicy rice and tomato salsa, the Callaloo and Fried Plantain and Jerk Chicken with rice and coleslaw - these were all £5 each.

All were very generous in portion size - a very large lunch indeed but it was welcomed with wide mouths on that cold and rainy day. Our rice came with optional gravy on the top which was a nice little extra and the salsa's were fresh and in a light marinade.

My saltfish was chunky and in a tomato sauce with onions and peppers. It was slightly spicy and had a good peppery kick.

The jerk chicken was marinated and roasted. Again a slightly spicy sauce which wasn't too sweet with the chicken thighs very moist and juicy.

The callallo (no picture I am afraid as my camera battery died!) was delicately curried in a light sauce which made for a tasty vegetarian option with the fried plantain.

We saw a few students coming in to buy some wraps and these were piled high with delicious fresh fillings for a bargain of £3. I will definitely be going back to purchase a wrap to take out in the near future and to also try their other dishes.

It's a great little cafe with friendly vibes and feel food Caribbean food. You can't go wrong for the price and there is definitely something for everyone here. Why not give the Caribbean Cafe a go next time your in the market?

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